From my previous blogs I think all my readers have well understood that I am an ardent fan of Bangalore. I am just in love with this city because it has all the ingredients of a perfect home. The city of Bangalore is well established and it is well populated with a gamut of properties and has the ability and scope to grow. If you are an IT professional or a honcho of a multinational brand, then this is the best place to invest. Invest in peace and prosperity and frame a better and brighter future for your loved ones. In this blog, I will discuss about those small things which often as a first time buyer you miss. So keep these tips handy and own your future.

There is no tomorrow

Remember, there is no perfect time to buy a property. So be prompt and buy the property of your choice in Bangalore. If you think that you will wait for the right moment and will fetch the benefits of global recession then you are absolutely wrong. Because the Bangalore market is on a high and the recession will never cork the price rise. So if you have money, then buy it, because there is no tomorrow in real estate market.


Pic Credit : Shobha Developers

Never depend on banks:

Keep your budget in hand. Never depend completely on the loan as you have to shell out twenty percent of the total cost of the property from your own pocket. The rest 85-90 percent will be loaned from the bank which will also depend on your monthly net salary.

Choose at your convenience

Choose the property which is most suitable for you and will help you in future. As the city is evolving pretty fast, so you must do a proper scan of the area where you want to invest. Talk to friends and your acquaintances and then take the final call.

 Choose and pick:

It is quite a daunting task for first time buyers like you and me to choose from the massive milieu of builders who are camping in the city of Bangalore. So do your own researches before selecting the builder. There are several autonomous bodies and banks which provides authentications. Before buying your property, you must verify and check whether your future is authenticated and certified by these bodies. If yes, then go for it. These properties might cost you a little more, but they are full proof and safe, that’s for sure.

Apart from the above mentioned points you must also discuss about the maintenance cost which is also a recurring expense which will hang on your shoulder throughout your life, so be sure. So know the expenses in advance. Also check whether the builder is charging the rates on the basis of the carpet area. You must pay for those things, which you will actually use in future. So be sure before investing and you must keep your emotions aside before pinpointing on the property you want to acquire.

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